Lie detector testing – Detailed Guide

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The lie detector testing is a process that is also referred as a polygraph. It is a complete system that is used to measures different physiological indices. With the help of such a system, you can record several physiological indices such as skin conductivity, blood pressure, pulse, etc.

Well, the process of lie detector testing has numbers of advantages to the various sectors. The best use of lie detector testing is in the investigation process. No doubt, there are numbers of different sectors that are taking the best advantages of such a process. It is managed by the team of professionals and experts. There are companies like that offer lie detector testing services to the public.

The polygraph test by which we can determine the person is speaking the truth or not. It is really a highly effective technique to measure the physiological indices. There are different kinds of model of lie detector machine. All those have different specifications as well as the different process of working.

What is a lie detector test?

Lie detector test is a process by which you can analyze the reactions of the body. In this way, you can determine that a person is telling the truth or not. The term body reaction is here refers to the physiological functions of the human body. There are main three physiological functions which are mostly measured in the lie detector testing:

  1. The activities of sweat glands
  2. Cardiovascular activity
  3. Respiratory activity

If you get any chances in those above-mentioned activities, then it means that a person is not speaking the truth. The faster heartbeats increased sweat activities; the higher respiratory rate is some common indicates that means that a person is lying.

The process of lie detector testing

The process of lie detector testing is divided into three phases. A professional can manage such a process. It has some specific parameters that can be examined by the experts. If you want to understand the working process of lie detector testing then carefully consider the following three phase of such testing:

  1. Pre-test phase
  2. Chart collection phase
  3. Analysis

Each phase of such a testing process is essential and has its own value. Well, if you want to solve any situation in which have numbers of people involved, then you can take the assistance from the lie detector machine. There are numbers of detection companies are there for your help that you can also access the best one for you.